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Watchmen Ministries

Repent America! Your judgments are at hand

Prophecy Shaking, Sand, & Pearls

The following prophecy spoken aloud in tongues on Saturday, January 25, 1997, at a Messianic Congregation in Owings Mills MD was only interpreted in part because the "Rabbi"-Pastor, with a Jezebel Control spirit usurped the Holy Spirit by interrupting the prophecy and removed the LORD's servant before the interpretation could be completed; however, it was written in its entirety later by the allowance of the HOLY SPIRIT. This initial part of this prophecy was immediately confirmed by several attending that Saturday. The title amazingly was confirmed by a nationally known prophet, months later, who had these same three title words in his prophecy. The remaining part of the prophecy was confirmed by intensive biblical research and the discerning of Spirits leading to a Scriptural Spiritual Truth long forgotten by the modern American Apostate. Church    

      Shaking Sand and Pearls 

Oh, MY children, know of MY Love for you and how I have longed to bring you into MY fold. Have I not given you my greatest gift? Have you shared this gift? Do you know of this Love? You have allowed Faction and Division to enter among you. This I say to your shepherds: You will be held to account for the blood of MY sheep for you have not attended them, yet I will hold my sheep to account in MY Truth, MY Word. Have I not called you to be united in MY SPIRIT? Have I not called you to receive MY Peace? Not peace that man promises, but MY Everlasting Peace. I have called you to do a great work among MY people. Yet you say, who are MY people? I say unto you, MY people are those who I have called in obedience to MY WORD and not obedience to tradition of man, not obedience to those who are man-pleasing but those who choose GOD pleasing. Yet you say: who are the chosen? I say unto you: MY chosen are those I foreknew of MY OBEDIENCE. Have I not said I AM the I AM, the Alpha and Omega? I KNOW all. You have placed your tradition and will before MY WORD. YOU must be obedient to MY New Covenant. Yet you say, we obey the old and the new. Listen! I say unto you, obey in the old that which is of MY new; for in the new you shall find freedom. Have I not said you shall be free in MY TRUTH, MY WORD? I have given new commands yet you choose to remain in the old. Again, I say unto you, obey in the old that which is of the new. MY new is the WORD written and upon the heart for those that obey. I have given you new precepts that are not hard, yet you choose the old with bondage. In doing so, you have not known of MY freedom. What is this that is alien to ME? A Jezebel spirit called Control has entered among you. Have I not said woman shall not have authority over man nor teach a man? Have I not said I AM the covering of man? Have I not said man shall cover the woman? What is this covering man has chosen of old? You dishonor ME in prayer, in prophecy. Repent of these which are alien to ME. Women shall receive a sign of beginning submission, which is of the new yet of the old. You shall give this covering to the woman in obedience so as not to please man, but to please ME. For I AM the covering of man, and there shall be no other covering for those that lead. Be bold, MY children; be obedient. Be ye not man-pleasing, but be ye GOD pleasing for I require obedience to MY WORD. I have sent those that cause jealousy, yet you do not listen, nor do you see. Repent MY children of this blindness to MY TRUTH. You strain the gnat and swallow a camel. I will not tolerate the will of a man who chose not obedience. Only those who obey MY WORD shall MY WILL be known unto them. Though you know of MY LOVE in part, you must repent. Open your hearts and obey so I may fill you. I desire to use you for MY final work, though you must be cleansed. A MIRACLE work has begun in those that are cleaning. Know of MY LOVE for you that I have sent instruments of cleansing. Open your hearts MY children for MY coming is close at hand. Know of MY LOVE. Know of MY LOVE. Know of MY LOVE. For it is not in man's love but only in MY LOVE there is found repentance, there is found forgiveness, there is found cleansing, there is found healing, there is found restoration, there is found SALVATION, there is found ETERNAL LOVE. Watch! Watch! Watch! ye therefore and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape that which shall soon come to pass and to stand before MEā€”spoken through MY servant whom I have found to be faithful unto OBEDIENCE. For I saith the LORD, by MY SPIRIT, your FATHER of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, your HUSBAND and PROTECTOR, your LOVER, for I and only I, JESUS (Yeshua) of Nazareth your MESSIAH give these words unto you.

Thank you, JESUS (ed)