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Watchmen Ministries

Repent America! Your judgments are at hand

Signs & Wonders From The Lord


(The Lord answers in less than 2 minutes what had been written 7 years earlier )

Remembering that those who practice lying, with no repentance, shall be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, which is the Second Death. (Ref. Revelation 21:8)

Testimony under the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit of the Compassion of God who answers the prayers of His faithful servants who need His knowledge.   

June 1, 2016 

Ruth, Ed's wife's email, confirms the miraculous events written herein.

Dearest Eddie,  

I read your web page about the "signs and wonders" surrounding the demon bird dropping on our windshield, the rental car, Fais's passing, and our Lord's immediate answer to your prayer. I agree with your account of the sequence of events. It was an amazing series of events. Just a reminder that our God has everything under control (His control that is).  

Love you,   

Many of the believing and obeying faithful, who have been Born Again, and received the indwelling Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is called by many names, including theHoly Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter, the Teacher , . . . etc. and have an ongoing personal relationship with the Incarnate God, Jesus Christ, or Hebrew name, Yeshua HaMashiach, will understand the following testimony of how the Lord communicates with His faithful children through signs and wonders. God lets His own know that He is in control and aware of any situation His children are experiencing. Yes, like a giant, universal spiritual chess board game, the Lord has all the moves covered for His children. (Romans 8:28-31) Only the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, not the Queen (of Heaven (Jezebel)), is the most powerful piece (Peace) on this Spiritual Chessboard of Life. Every willful and beside themselves moves a faithful, obedient believer makes on this earth had already been supervised and checked by God, even before the believer was born, as the following true testimony, made before the Holy Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth, through this Signs and Wonders testimony shows.

How was Ed warned by bird poop from an unclean and hateful bird , seventeen (17) days prior to and at about, if not the same location of his wife’s future accident, to put on the full armor of God because satan has increased his effort through the spirit of Jezebel to defeat Ed and his wife, Ruth in his ministry as a watchman and her ministry as his spiritual prayer warrior and Spiritual armor bearer in supporting her husband, Ed ? 2Cor. 10:3-6

The bird dropping shaped into the form of what looks like a Easter bunny rabbit demon. The Lord allowing this as a reminder to be alert .“ Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:1 Peter 5:8. Picture was taken in my apartment parking lot, Again, looks like my below Easter display was very effective in the 2nd heaven, the abode of , satan and his brood of vipers, obviously satan must have been very upset to have one of his unclean and hateful birds to poop on my windshield.

How did Ed and Ruth end up with the Enterprise rental car that would be involved in two rear end collisions within eight days with the Pennsylvania license tag # JZE-1172, interpreted by the Spiritually minded to mean Jezebel, the cruel spirit that attempted to stop the Lord’s servant, Ed, over the years, from completing his assigned calling from the Lord, by rejection, gossip, tale bearing, false witnessing, and exceptional cruel debilitating slander.

Our 2015 Nissan Versa Enterprise rental the accident scene with the Pennsylvania Jezebel tag the significant #JZE 1172 license tags. This car was rear ended 2X in less than 8 days. Go figure!

How did Sarah Young, who wrote the devotional “Jesus Lives, Seeing His Love in Your Life” © 2009, know to write God's specific answer to Ed’s lamenting prayer seven years before Ed prayed on the night of April 20, 2016 asking the Lord Jesus Christ: “ Lord! Is Fais in Heaven or Hell? when the Lord specifically answered Ed in less than two minutes?

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1 Peter 5:8

On the beautiful, sunny Monday morning, March 21, 2016, two days after I set up my Easter display of the lighted Cross and blow mold figures, (S&W#1 below) to advertise the real meaning of the Easter season, and as a witness to those driving by on Silver Spring Rd, especially for the public school children, riding by in their school buses, I was driving my Honda fit traveling in the southbound lane of Belair Rd., heading to Rt. 43, White Marsh Blvd. and then to Maryland 695 on my way to visit Matt. M., a drug addicted 51 year old who just got out of the hospital from over dosing on Oxycodone. His father is at the same nursing home as my sister. I promised Matt’s father I would try to help him. 

S&W 1

My Easter Cross using my Christmas blow mold figures , that I display each year for the many School bus students and other traffic who ride by our apartment patio on Silver Spring Rd. I display this each year to combat the secular intrusion in replacing the holiest of Christian Holidays, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ , with rabbits, chicks, eggs , candy, Easter baskets and everything else that detracts from the true meaning of Easter. Interesting to note that the following satanic bird dropping on my windshield looks like a demon rabbit with horns. Looks like my Easter display was very effective in the 2nd heaven, the abode of , satan and his brood of vipers must have been very upset

to poop on my windshield  


". . . Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. . ." Ephesians 6:11,12

As I was driving, I was intensely thinking of how many I knew who were infested with the spirit of Jezebel, which infests some men but mostly women, whose paths I crossed over the years.

I first became aware of the spirit of Jezebel in January, 1995 when its cruelty surfaced in a former loved one. The words spoken through its host, even changing its host’s voice to a deep guttural sound, were so cruel that it did not take an exorcist to realize that a different dark being had possessed its host. : " 

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. (Proverbs 18:21)  

Words have power. God created the earth by his spoken Word. You can speak life into a person with encouraging, edifying words and you can also speak death by wounding and sometimes killing a persons spirit with demeaning bullying, hateful, critical words against the person's physical and mental state of being. One of the biggest lies from satan is the well known statement: ". . . Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. . . " This statement is a lie right from the pits of hell. You can easily heal from a broken bone or other injury as a child and never remember it anymore, but some cruel words demeaning a persons physical or mental state when as child can carry the curse and hurt for the rest of their lives if that curse is not broken by the Word of God.

Example: Middle school children, going through puberty body changes sometimes are too easily critical of each others appearance and some who are under the influence of demons, who hate God's creation; especially humans, will demean another's physical appearance or mental state of mind with their words. The recipient of the demonic hurt can be wounded for a lifetime if they do not know the Word of God. such as, all they have to repeat is. ". . . I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. . . " Psalm 139:14 to break the curse and wounding. 

This evil spirit, Jezebel, occupying possessing many hosts, is my ongoing enemy in my calling from the Lord, similar to what Elijah experienced with the original Jezebel in the Bible.  

While driving south on Belair Rd., that day, my thoughts were occupied with individuals whom I had known, who allowed Jezebel to possess and control them. When I was about adjacent to the location of Ruth’s future rear end accident scene, all of a sudden when I was right about that area. . . “Plop”, a perfectly rounded white bird dropping hit my windshield just to the right of my line of vision. I started to laugh because the immediate thought that entered my mind was the scripture in Revelation 18:2, which is just one of many scriptures that metaphorically and factually identify America in six chapters in the bible. The scripture reads: “. . . Babylon (USA) . . . is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. . .”(Rev. 18:2). Lord, was that a very unclean and hateful bird that targeted my windshield? The wind of the Holy Spirit had a message to give me in the dropping.   

 It was very windy that day and as I continued on to my destination. I periodically would look at the white liquid bird dropping as the “Wind” blowing against my windshield was changing its shape from perfectly round to a very distinguishable shape. When I looked at it just before my destination, I was taken aback at its final shape. It must have been an unclean and hateful bird that the Lord allowed to poop on my windshield so He could draw the demonic image warning. It was a demon rabbit with horns (attached below) that the Wind of the Holy Spirit had shaped to warn me. Then the Lord spoke to me in my mind, ". . . Don’t allow the enemy to block your line of vision . . . " and to warn Ruth and I of what was about to come, to stay prayed up and to take steps to remain focused on the Lord’s ministry in our lives, and not to get involved in matters that divert our attention from His will.

The bird dropping shaped into the form of what looks like a Easter bunny rabbit demon. The Lord allowing this as a reminder to be alert .“ Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:1 Peter 5:8. Picture was taken in my apartment parking lot, Again, looks like my below Easter display was very effective in the 2nd heaven, the abode of , satan and his brood of vipers, obviously satan must have been very upset to have one of his unclean and hateful birds to poop on my windshield.

Another shot of the bird dropping on my windshield that the "wind" on the wet liquid dropping shaped into a what looks like a bunny rabbit demon. The Lord put into my mind, "Caution the devil is trying to distract (stop) the line of vision I have given you. Look straight ahead neither turn to the right or left.

Deut. 5:32 " . . . Ye shall observe to do therefore as the LORD your God hath commanded you: ye shall not turn aside to the right hand or to the left. . . "

Seven (7) days later on Monday, March 28, 2016, I received notice from Honda that my 2011 Honda Fit is being recalled to have the explosive driver’s side airbag replaced. The problem is they said they may not have the parts in until sometime in July. The air bag can explode without any collision, when heat and humidity build up in the car. A senator in a Washington investigating committee, stated in a hearing on the Takata air bag recall that driving a car with a defective air bag is like having a live grenade in your steering wheel housing waiting to explode in your face. The Honda Corporation through a local dealer Heritage Honda, rented a car for us since it was not safe for us to drive our Honda Fit. 

   We rented the car from Enterprise Rental on the 29th of March. Seeing the young men in the rental office who looked like they just got out of college reminded me of when my son worked for Enterprise about the time he graduated from college in the mid-nineties, a good “stepping stone” job for recent college graduates waiting to seek better and higher paying future employment. I was able to explain some of Watchmen Ministries and to give out some Watchmen Ministries cards to a couple of the young men employees. We rented a 2016 bright red Nissan Versa.  

   I had awakened early Thursday morning, April 7, 2016 with a sense of foreboding. My wife, Ruth was getting ready to visit her sister, Judy, who lives about 40 miles away in Dayton, Maryland . I have always anointed my/our personal cars for safety and protection, but I forgot to anoint the Nissan rental car as I did with my other cars that I had owned . Our Honda was out of commission because of the air bag recall sitting in our parking lot. So Ruth would take our only other transportation, the Nissan rental car to drive to her sister's home. I went out with my anointing oil and anointed the front and back and the dash with the traditional cross, and prayed over it for protection. Every day, since I drove a School Bus starting in the fall of 2003 to supplement my SS income, before Ruth and I would ever leave the house, we always prayed for safe traveling mercies, and that day was no exception. Ruth had a blessed visit with her sister that day. As Ruth was leaving her sister’s to come home about eight that evening, she and her sister were walking to the recently rented Nissan, when Judy, noticing the license tag said, “Gee, that’s an interesting tag #, JZE 1172. Isn’t Jezebel the evil spirit that Ed has had so much trouble with over the years?. Ruth, an accomplished Blue Ribbon artist at the Maryland State Fair, with a keen eye for detail, said yes, and was surprised that she hadn’t noticed it before her sister brought it to her attention. 

Our 2015 Nissan Versa Enterprise rental the accident scene with the Pennsylvania Jezebel tag the significant # JZE 1172 license tags. This car was rear ended 2X in less than 8 days. Go figure!

Later that Thursday evening Ruth called me about 9:10 pm to let me know that someone ran into the back of the rental car, the 2016 Nissan Versa, as she was exiting the northbound exit ramp of Rt.43 onto Belair Rd North, which was only about a mile away from our apartment. She was somewhat panicky and since we have only one car to drive, the rental car, our Honda Fit sitting in our parking lot, was not fit to drive because of the recall. I called my friend, Fais, ( Fais was short for his full first name, Faison) who lived on the top floor of our apartment building, to ask him to give me a ride to the accident scene which was only about a mile away, so I could help Ruth with the accident details. His car was outside, but his lights in his apartment were not on. He did not answer my call, so I left a voice mail message, hoping he would listen and call me back. I did not know at that time Fais was dead on his kitchen floor.  

   Somewhat desperate and caring about my wife in her very emotional situation, I called 911 and asked them to send an officer to see that everyone was a safe on that very busy traffic merging section. Disregarding the recall agreement, I got into the Honda anyway and drove to the accident scene just over a mile away. The police were already there and conducting their investigation. All the necessary information was exchanged. A young 18 year old girl was the driver in the offending car. I took some pictures of the accident scene just in case there was any future controversy . Ruth and I then left. As we were coming home from the accident, it was at that time Ruth told me when she was leaving her sister’s home that evening when Judy had noticed the Pennsylvania license tag # JZE-1172 on our rental and reminded her about spirit of Jezebel causing so much havoc in my/our lives. 

Picture of the accident scene on the exit ramp onto Northbound Belair Rd.

.. Ruth , an accomplished artist and an eye for detail, brought my attention to the cross shaped light pole with its mounted light and lighted electric lines in the distance looks similar to my lighted Easter cross (above) which was still displayed about 1 1/4 miles northeast from the accident scene cross. The Lord has everything covered and His Signs and Wonders are everywhere for His children to see. to let us know He has all of my and Ruth's moves covered.     

Baltimore County Police Information Report. Interesting to note that the police officer wrote the license tag # in error. He wrote JE 1172 when the actual tag # is JZE 1172, All license tag #'s for private passenger cars in Pennsylvania have 3 letters and 4 numbers. This police officer who was older should have questioned his error. Or go figure. Looks like JE_sus won out over JeZEbel 

Geico Appraiser's R O Report. Interesting to note that the appraiser also wrote the license tag # in error. She wrote JE 1172 when the actual tag # is JZE 1172, She seemed like an experienced appraiser, yet she also made the same error, She is supposed to write down the license tag # from sight, All license tag #'s for private passenger cars in Pennsylvania have 3 letter and 4 numbers. This appraiser should have questioned her error. Or go figure? Looks like again, JE_sus won out over JeZEbel 

Both her sister and Ruth confirmed that JZE is short for Jezebel and how I had been doing battle with the Jezebel spirit most notably for the past 22 years. What both of them did not know in their recognition of the tag is the meaning of the numbers after JZE, 1172. These numbers are significant in my family , but because of its very sensitive nature, I cannot write about the significance at this time; however, certain family members should understand the significance in reading this signs and wonders testimony.  

Ruth and I questioned why the accident happened , since I had specifically anointed the Nissan that morning for protection and we both prayed for safe traveling mercies. Well, the accident was not a serious accident. Ruth did feel a slight “electrical” pain run down to the base of her spine when she was hit but has not had any problem since. The bumper sustained only $467.00 repair damage. When Ruth told me the exact accident details I realized, because of my past auto accident appraisal experience, and recognized as an expert witness accident investigator in thwarting a multi-million dollar lawsuit by proving to the court that the defendant was hit by a phantom driver in my client's rear bumper, causing her car to collide with the plaintiff's car, I realized that the accident could have been much worse or even fatal. Ruth was not hit that hard in the rear. Just before she was hit in the rear, she had to slow up at the very short merging ramp point onto the busy Belair Rd. northbound lane of traffic. If the young woman, who said her floor mat got caught under her brake, was traveling any faster, she could have knocked Ruth’s car out into the busy northbound traffic and could have been broadsided on her driver side by traffic that moves 40 to 50 mph, meaning Ruth could have sustained very serious injuries or even death. Thank you Jesus for protecting Ruth from serious injury or death.

The next day, Friday, April 8th, about 1:00 pm we were leaving our apartment to go to the Enterprise Rental car company to report the accident and for them to look at the damage to the rear bumper, when we noticed a police officer standing on our main apartment landing talking on his police radio. We did not stop to inquire what the problem was. While we were at the Enterprise Rental, I explained to one of the young men, whose grandfather is a pastor, about the Jezebel license plate, and some of the battles I'd had in the past with this very nasty evil spirit. He surprised me when he stated, with a very grim and fearful countenance, that his grandfather said the Jezebel spirit is one of the highest ranking most devastating spirits in satan's dark kingdom. I immediately shook his hand in agreement and thanked him for that statement in front of the other young employees, who were probably questioning much in their minds at that time. 

When we returned to our apartment that same afternoon, our other neighbors, Mike and Shelly informed us that Fais. (Faison S.) was found dead on his kitchen floor that morning. Hearing this, shock was an understatement. Fais, was a very young looking 63 year old, and worked out almost every day at the “gym”. He always seemed cheerful and upbeat and always greeted me with a smile and upbeat personality. I immediately started to lament over his death and wished I had done more than I did for him, especially spiritually. A thought reminded me just the night before, I called Fais’s apartment to ask him to give me a ride to Ruth’s accident scene not knowing the Fais was most likely already dead, lying on his kitchen floor. 

My friend Fais S. Fais always had an upbeat personality and always greeting with a smile. Thank you Jesus for saving my friend, See below Summary and lesson I learned . 

I met Fais (Faison S. ) about the fall of 2012, when he moved into our apartment building and his apartment on the 3rd floor. (His picture attached above) I have a broad cross on my apartment door centered in a pretty artificial flowered wreath. It reads : “As For me and My House, We Will Serve The LORD.”  

When I first met Fais, I introduced myself and said you can just call me Ed, He said his name was Fais, which I originally thought was a nickname with its spelling, F a c e, remembering when I ministered in inner Baltimore City I frequently heard the expression "getting in someone’s face", so I understandably pictured in my mind that is how Fais, spelled F a c e, was the spelling of his name. It was not until later when, I asked him for his email address that I discovered his very unusual name, was Faison or Fais, instead of Face, short for his first name, Faison. 

It did not take long for Fais and I to bond, because after we met for the first time, and after I gave him my testimony and explained my calling from the Lord, He, being an enthusiastic Christian in talking the talk, said, " Now I know why the Holy Spirit had me move here to this apartment." I had compassion on Fais because he lived alone and whenever I had extra food for dinner or desert, I regularly gave him enough for a couple of dinners. He was always so very grateful and very appreciative for the hospitality. Cooking for me is a ministry to others and I enjoy making people happy, especially when they are so appreciative and complimentary for the favor. It also gets me through doors for the Christian witness that would otherwise be closed to me. Fais never was late with any of his compliments for the goodies I gave him. Fais would stop by my apartment many times, most of those times he would say the Holy Spirit would move him to do so. I would witness to him what the Lord had been giving to me over the years. He was always saying, Ed you need to go to the churches and preach to the leaders, because they need to hear what the Lord has given you and he has given you a lot. In my mind, I agreed with this statement, because I had already done so many times. What I did not tell Fais, is after I gave them reasons for the apostasy (falling away) in the churches, and a call to repentance, many never invited me back.  

Well, for the next three years we had an ongoing pleasant and amicable relationship until I discovered some ongoing problems he was having with the law which are a matter of public record. When I approached him about them and as being a matter of public record and its source, he told me it was a different person than he and he was taking steps to straighten them out. I was very willing to believe him so as not to bust my bubble in my regard for him, but I found out later Fais’s statement, putting it nicely, was not accurate. Not only that but in time, additional serious traffic criminal charges kept surfacing as made public on the Internet. One of which would require me to disassociate with him unless, he repented. I sent him emails listing certain sins and calling him to repentance, but he did not indicate to me that he repented or acknowledge wrong doing. So, if he would not obey the Word of God then I had to obey the Word of God, I had to make a decision according to 1 Cor. 5:11“ . . . But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner with such an one no not to eat. . .” 1 Cor. 5:11

So after making the decision to avoid Fais in hoping he would break his silence and discuss our estrangement, my flesh lamented with the loss of open communication and fellowship with him because I really loved this man when he was in the Lord. For about 10 months, I was polite and so was he whenever we crossed paths in the hall way or on the parking lot, we exchanged greetings but Fais knew in his heart that I was aware of the new charges, which were unmercifully made public on the Internet. Our relationship wasn’t like it used to be especially since I stopped providing meals and homemade desserts in obedience to the 1Cor.5:11 scripture.  

When Ruth’s rental car was “rear ended” on the evening of April 7th, 2016 and I needed a ride to the accident scene, not even thinking about our estrangement , I called his apartment but had to leave a message on his voice mail. His car was parked outside but there were no lights on in his apartment. I did not find out until the next day, Friday the 8th, that his longtime friend and boss found Fais lying dead on his kitchen floor that afternoon. When my neighbor told me what happened, it was so surreal that I believe I had a hard time accepting his death; especially since I did not know whether Fais repented or not for his backsliding before he took his last breath. Ezekiel 33:8-19 Then I started my long day to day pleading with the Lord. Lord! is Fais in Paradise with You or is he in Hell? I was also lamenting why I just did not get in Fais's face, name the sin and warn him to repent or suffer the eternal consequences as required in Ezekiel 33:8-19 .   

   When it comes to visiting funeral parlors, or asked to officiate at the eulogies, unless it is a close relative, I only went to see the those who I personally led to the Lord or know for sure that they were saved; however, I felt obligated, especially my calling, to go to his viewing hoping someone would give a positive testimony that Fais repented before he took his last breath. The following week, Ruth and I went to Fais’s viewing on Thursday, April 14. We met his sister and gave her our condolences. She was a very pleasant person and thanked us twice for coming for the family’s sake. Normally, viewings and meeting Christian families is a time for me to assure them that their deceased loved one is with the Lord, but because of the circumstances that I knew was a matter of public record, I still had that very empty feeling of not knowing for sure where Fais went.

The next day, Friday, April 15, Ruth and I were on our way to my sister’s Care Conference at her nursing home. We were waiting in the left southbound turn lane for the Northbound cross traffic to clear so we could make the left into the nursing home parking lot. The Northbound traffic was unusually heavy as we waited minutes for it to clear. I looked in my rear mirror and there were about 3 cars waiting behind me to also make the left turn. I commented to Ruth, “ Do you ever remember this traffic being this heavy and us having to wait so long to make this turn?” ALL of a sudden we felt a slight bump from the rear of our car. Ruth shouted, "that’s it we are getting rid of this car, it's cursed." I immediately looked in the rear view mirror and noticed a young woman looking down at something as if she was texting. She kept looking down as if she did not even know she tapped my rear bumper. When she did look up I motioned to her with my arm and hand to follow me into the parking lot. Well the traffic cleared and we made a left our hand turn into the nursing home parking lot. She did not follow us in but made the U-turn to go northbound, obviously to avoid her responsibility to stop and check for damage which there wasn’t any because she did not hit our rear bumper very hard. That was the second rear collision in eight days. I had been driving for 58 years and drove over 1 million highway miles; especially, driving a school bus for 7 years, and was only rear ended one time and that was in my school bus by a male driver. Likewise, Ruth had been driving for 60 years and has only been rear ended one time by a male driver. So within an 8 day period we were both rear ended by a two young female drivers while each of us was driving the same rental car with the JZE 1172 license tag. Go figure! Or just God's "Heads-up" warnings about Jezebel being valid.   

Lord! , is Fais (Faison S.) with you or is he in Hell? Please Lord I need to know for sure. . . The Lord answers!

From the time, I was informed of Fais’s death from April 8, 2016 to April 21, 2016. I mourned inwardly each day for the loss of my friend Faison S. and lamented each day not knowing if Fais was in heaven or hell. As a servant, watchman for my Lord Jesus Christ, I am bound to obedience of the scriptural command in Ezekiel 33: 8 which reads: “. . . When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. . .” I am required warn to those who are in unrepentant sin; especially those who claim to be Christians, to repent or face the eternal judgment and possible eternal consequences of the second death as described in Revelation 21:8.

( Note! When in Israel this past September, on the way to meet one of the two of the top orthodox Jewish Rabbi teachers that day, the Lord clearly spoke to me in my mind: "I will not hold them accountable for things they know not, but I shall hold them accountable for the things they know" ) Ref. Luke 12:47.48

Finally, on Wednesday, April 20, feeling particularly mournful and still lamenting. I went to my computer room, (“prayer closet”) closed the door and prayed again, only more forcefully and with more lamentation to the Lord to let me know, or give me a sign as to where Fais is, Heaven or Hell ? For the most part, I was keeping my feelings to myself and not involving Ruth with my silent lamentations for the preceding two weeks especially on that Wednesday .

Each night when Ruth retires to our bed, she faithfully reads in daily sequence from two devotionals by Sarah Young. One is titled “Jesus Lives” "Seeing His Love In Your Life" and the other is titled “Jesus Today” "Experience Hope Through His Presence. “Many times the readings from both books seem to coordinate with common thought (s) and subject matter. They are both short readings for that particular day in Ruth’s routine. They contain on the left side of the opened books statements and encouraging words, worded as if Jesus Himself was speaking to the reader, words which are very true. Anyone who is familiar with the Scriptures know Sarah Young's wording is scripturally sound, because she backs them up with the Scriptures. On the right side page of the opened book are the actual Scriptures that confirm the conversation that Jesus Christ is having with the reader as written on the left side. It only takes about ten minutes for Ruth to read both of her nightly readings. Ruth is normally first in bed and then I come in later. If I do not go to bed shortly after she does, she will fall asleep after her reading. I always, look forward to Ruth reading to me from her two books. My mother was absent from my life from the time I was 3 to the time I was 18. I do not recall any woman tucking me into bed and reading me a bedtime story. So at 73 years of age, I feel I am being blessed for the benefit of a woman’s tenderness and caring in reading to me.    

On Wednesday evening , April 20, about 11:30, Ruth retired to our bed. I was still intensely working on my computer for an important ministry subject . After finishing her two readings, she got out of bed and came to my computer room and said, "Ed tonight’s reading was really a message from the Lord for both of us. Come to bed and I will read them to you, about a subject you had mentioned the other day that we have both been concerned about." Ruth did not know I was praying earlier that day with intensity to hear from the Lord concerning Fais’s fate; however, at that moment, my petition to the Lord about Fais did not enter my mind in relating to Ruth’s statement of our common interest.

I stayed at the computer a little longer than I expected, so when I got up to go to bed, Ruth was sound asleep in bed. I regretted not knowing exactly what the reading was that she read, but I assumed that she had it marked with the book ribbon marker, knowing she is very conscious of my welfare, both physical and spiritual. I knelt down by my side of the bed to pray and to quickly review the day for any sins of commission or omission, known or unknown, that I may have committed that day, so I could repent and clean the slate and wait for any predominate thought from the Lord for a quick prayer. Again the predominate thought for prayer was my earlier in the day prayer petition to know from the Lord where Fais was/is, again asking with gnawing, spiritual gut wrenching intensity. . . Please Lord let me know where Fais is 

When I finished praying I got up I went to Ruth’s night table to retrieve her two books. She always reads her Jesus Lives Devotional evening’s reading 1st and then reads her Jesus Today Devotional 2nd so I decided to read Jesus Lives first with the great anticipation of what the Lord coordinated for Ruth and me on a recent subject matter. I had no forethought of what the common subject matter was that Ruth and I discussed days before that was confirmed in Ruth’s reading that night and that she was so joyfully anxious for me to read. Knowing how God has spoken to us with signs and wonders, more than numerous times over the many years of our walk with the Lord, 56 years for Ruth and 38 years for me, I opened her Jesus Lives Devotional to where she had her marker ribbon, very much thinking that she marked the place she wanted me to read, with much anticipation knowing that the Good Lord had some good supernatural news for me.

I read the first page and these words jumped out at me as if they were the only words that I read. “. . . Face with ME”

(Also note below in the book the six highlighted words, "HEAVEN" at the very top of page 258, "eternal future" at the bottom of page 258 and "Face with Me" at the very top of page 259. Fais S. is in "Heaven", his "eternal future" as the Lord says " Face (Fais) with Me") 

Face with ME! My whole being shouted with joy. Ruth! Ruth! The Lord answered my prayer. As Ruth was mumbling in waking up to my joy. “What are you talking about? Ruth, did you leave your marker ribbon in tonight’s reading or tomorrow’s reading ? Ruth groggily said, I always move the ribbon to the next day’s reading . You mean the reading you wanted me to see was not where the marker was but the reading before it ? She said, yes. Then what was the subject matter we discussed earlier that you felt was confirmed by the Lord in your reading tonight. She said. Loneliness. The loneliness of your ministry as a watchman and the rejection, you/we and go through. Can we talk about this tomorrow? I am tired.

S&W 9

This is the "Jesus Lives" book pages 258 and 259 that i read the night of April 20, 2016 just after pleading with the Lord in prayer asking: " Is Fais with You Lord or is he in Hell? Note the six highlighted words, "HEAVEN" at the very top of page 258, "eternal future" at the bottom of page 258 and "Face with Me" at the very top of page 259. Fais S. is in "Heaven", his "eternal future" as the Lord says " Face (Fais) with Me" Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer in such and awesome way as You are always AWESOME.  

S&W 10

This is the Jesus Lives book pages 256, and 257 that was Ruth's 1st reading for the night of April 20, 2016 and that she wanted me to read concerning the Lord's confirmation of our previous conversation days earlier about the loneliness and rejection of the ministry for ed as a watchman for the Lord and Ruth as His armor bearer.  

S&W 11

This is Ruth's 2nd reading from her Jesus Today devotional for April 20, 2016 which confirmed her first reading from her Jesus Lives Devotional on the subject of Loneliness healed by the knowledge of the Lord's Presence in our lives. 


1. March 21, 2016 Ed while driving has intense thoughts of how the master spirit, Jezebel, battled Ed over the years. At that very thought and moment, a demon bird poops a white perfectly round dropping on Ed’s windshield. The following wind against the windshield shapes the dropping into the head of a demon. The Lord warns Ed to beware of Jezebel’s increased spiritual warfare against him and his wife’’

2. Ed and Ruth stop driving their Honda fit because of the dangerous air bag recall, and unwittingly rent a Nissan from Enterprise, a company that his son was employed about 20 years earlier, with the Pennsylvania tag # JZE 1172 a very meaningful tag #.

3. Ed and Ruth, on two different occasions within eight days, are both rear ended by two young the rented Nissan with the tag # JZE 1172

4. A lighted cross is present at the accident scene as it is also present on Ed and Ruth's patio.

5. Ed prays for the Lord to answer him about his friend, Fais and the Lord answers him in less than two minutes with the answer that was written 7 years earlier.

Numerous times over our many years walk with the Lord, the Lord would coordinate times, events and circumstances in Ruth's and my life to let us know that He is aware of our every move and every prayer. This Signs and Wonders account is no different. But I will say, because of the sequence of events as written herein, it is more believable for the average skeptic to see that the supernatural had its influence in these events. God had/has His hand in these events and so did satan and his demon bands have their hand in these events and messages, but satan can do nothing unless God allows it. Job 1:6-12    

This account of Signs and Wonders has significant personal meanings for many who have read it, but it has meant most to me, not only in the Lord’s amazing ability to recognize and attend to His faithful servant's increasing knowledge of Him, but it has humbled his servant to know, that even though I have the authority to judge all things, having the mind of Christ, (1Cor.2:15.16), it is God’s supernatural wisdom, not me, that will determine judgment upon those that will stand before Him to receive eternal life and blessed salvation or eternal condemnation in the second death. (Rev. 21:8).

Yes, as an anointed watchman for the Lord, who is required to warn the wicked and the lost to repent and turn from sin and turn back to God to avoid God’s terrible judgments here on earth, and the possibility of eternal spiritual condemnation, I can judge sin on its face value of the sinners’ disobedience to the written Word of God, which can disqualify them of the promise of eternal life with the Lord; however, only God knows the inner heart and mind of a man or woman, who in their final moments of life, can make last minute mental or verbal decisions of repentance and gain eternal life regardless of their past sins. On the other hand, a so called righteous man or woman can be righteous most of their life but in their last day can practice sin and lose their eternal reward. Ezekiel 33: 8-19 since it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment, (Heb.9:27) . No one knows when his or

her appointed time is to die. For some it could be before tomorrow and others at a later time. “. . . And God said, unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided? . . .”Luke 12:20

Bottom line, as stated in only relatively few will be saved as compared to the many who will be lost and for the many, it will be too late because “No Repentance No Salvation.      

And the battle against satan's horde of demons, led by the master spirit Jezebel, against the servants of our Lord Jesus Christ is heating up, but we have overcome satan and his brood of vipers by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of our testimony; and we loved not our lives unto the death. Rev. 12:11

Your Key to open the door to your eternal salvation see “Your Hope”   

To be continued " The multiple Jezebel spirits at Alva's nursing home and the hospital attempted to kill her before her time but thanks be to God he would not allow it.